See the Trailer!

Well, you may not have been waiting for it, but it sure is here: the HTGS Trailer!  We thought we’d show you a little bit of what you can look forward to.  Do you have any hook-up/dating questions you’re dying to get answered?


  1. Every guy naturally thinks their God’s gift to women and well, every guy believes that they have “the answer” and “the formula” to get a girl to say yes. In fact, the person writing this happens to be that guy. But there’s a difference between delusion and reality. Delusion: I will walk into a bar, grab the first hot girl I see, she will hang on every word I say, and then we will both walk out joined in hands as a marching band plays a celebratory song in the background. Reality: Upon delivering “the line”, that was once thought to be rock solid, a cold beverage begins to saturate my face and the girl abruptly walks off.
    My point is you never really have a women figured out and we guys have been itching for an inside scoop and a slight edge that will help to improve our batting average. And guess what? Here is that chance with “How To Get Swagger”. Expert advice from a beautiful, young woman with the tips to ensure a score? All I can say is many lonely nights and annoying heckles from friends, the ones that echoed throughout the bar as they witnessed your horrific car wreck of a rejection, could have been prevented if I only I found out about this show earlier.

    Shaun on 21 September 11, 8:24am (Reply)
  2. Haha! Yes. This is awesome. Looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see more swagger. 🙂

    Tom on 21 September 11, 8:24pm (Reply)
  3. This looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robby on 25 September 11, 4:33am (Reply)

    Jack on 26 September 11, 5:48pm (Reply)
    • On it.. workin’ night and day… no joke.

      How to Get Swagger on 27 September 11, 7:08am (Reply)
      • You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inrcdieble!

        Liz on 19 March 12, 8:40pm (Reply)

    LARRY on 29 September 11, 10:19pm (Reply)
  6. This is HILARIOUS! When does the show come out??

    Chris on 04 October 11, 4:28am (Reply)
    • We’re working on it!! We want to make sure it’s absolutely awesome before we show it off. 🙂

      How to Get Swagger on 04 October 11, 7:45am (Reply)
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    Glennberut on 01 May 19, 4:58pm (Reply)
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