Episode 2: Winner Takes All

Things are going well; it’s just another day at the bar.  Andrea is teaching us about how to get set up once we make it to the bar… but something’s wrong.  Oh no… it’s him again.

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  1. I think your blog is personal geounh, and I really enjoy reading it, hence the reason why I keep coming back and commenting time and time again! Who cares what just a couple of people think, I reckon most of your regular readers really enjoy reading your blog. I must admit, I do prefer the personal posts, and much prefer reading them to the posts about technology or the YouTube links. BTW it is really weird hearing your voice!! I read what your write, and see your pictues all the time but I had no idea what your voice sounded like! It sounded really different to how I imagined it actually. It’s funny how you picture someone to look/sound in a certain way, and the reality is quite different!

    Frans on 19 March 12, 7:32pm (Reply)

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