Episode 2: Winner Takes All

Things are going well; it’s just another day at the bar. ¬†Andrea is teaching us about how to get set up once we make it to the bar… but something’s wrong. ¬†Oh no… it’s him again.

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  1. I think your blog is personal geounh, and I really enjoy reading it, hence the reason why I keep coming back and commenting time and time again! Who cares what just a couple of people think, I reckon most of your regular readers really enjoy reading your blog. I must admit, I do prefer the personal posts, and much prefer reading them to the posts about technology or the YouTube links. BTW it is really weird hearing your voice!! I read what your write, and see your pictues all the time but I had no idea what your voice sounded like! It sounded really different to how I imagined it actually. It’s funny how you picture someone to look/sound in a certain way, and the reality is quite different!

    Frans on 19 March 12, 7:32pm (Reply)

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