Posted on 03 Feb 2012

Morrissey Isn’t Always Right

“How soon is now?”  I want to take a minute to quote Steven Patrick Morrissey (Lead singer and song writer of the band “The Smiths”): There’s a club, if you’d like to go  You could meet someone who really loves you  So you go, and you stand on your own  And you leave on your own  And you go... Read More »
Posted on 28 Nov 2011

Don’t Be Remembered as...

Hey Dudes, It is a small world we live in, and if you’re a jerk to a girl at a bar because she doesn’t want to talk to you or doesn’t want you to buy her drink– it could come back to haunt you. If you frequent a bar, after a while the staff will remember you. Security will... Read More »
Posted on 21 Sep 2011

FAN ADVICE! – Buying Drink(s)

So, the other day we got an email from a fan of the show… we thought his advice was just way too cool to not share with the world… check it out! Money doesn’t BUY girls… SWAGGER does! I have seen waaaay too many people trying to flaunt what they really don’t got in the bar. I have a... Read More »
Posted on 21 Sep 2011

Dress for Success

Men give each other bad advice on how to pick up chicks. The circulation of bad advice has gotten so bad, dudes now hold seminars, write books, post youtube videos, repeating over and over their worn out tricks. And as if that was not bad enough– they dress like goons! But seriously guys, I know it sucks. You don’t... Read More »
Posted on 21 Sep 2011

Not Just Any Wingman Will Do

No wingman is better than a bad one.  Time after time a horrible wingman has ruined any chance of me talking for another second with a guy.  I remember once I was working and these two guys showed up and started to chat with me.  One guy seemed pretty cool, just chatting with me, while the other was being... Read More »