Happy Ending

Posted on 22 Oct 2011

FROM A FAN – How I Got Swagger...

This one comes to us from a dude in New Hampshire… pretty cool story about how he learned to make it happen.  Take it away! “When it comes down to swagger, you either got it or you don’t.” -My Friend, being incorrect… When I first started going out, that’s what my poor friend would remind me. Little did I... Read More »
Posted on 21 Sep 2011

True Story #34: Getting Around Her...

Hi from Andrea!  This one time, at band camp… er… at the bar I mean… I see a mega super fox handing out with her army of hot chicks.  Across they are spotted by a decent looking guy.  He is obviously smiling at the mega fox, not too obviously. He is pretty smart because when he walks up to... Read More »