True Story #34: Getting Around Her Nosey Friend

Posted on 21 September 2011   From Andrea, Happy Ending, True Story

Hi from Andrea!  This one time, at band camp… er… at the bar I mean…

I see a mega super fox handing out with her army of hot chicks.  Across they are spotted by a decent looking guy.  He is obviously smiling at the mega fox, not too obviously. He is pretty smart because when he walks up to the bar, he leaves the girls  alone and orders himself a drink and then walks back to his friends.

The interest is there. She is looking, he is looking. There is only one problem: she is surrounded by her friends. The night carries on, and he is in no rush.

FINALLY! The moment has come! She has left her pack and is standing at the bar with just one friend, waiting to order a drink. He walks up and stands right next to her and says, “Hey.”

“Hey, yourself,” she answers back. They have been making eye contact periodically throughout the evening, so she is happy to see him approach her.

“I’m John. It’s nice to meet you.”  He introduces himself to her first then her friend.

He would like it better if her nosey friend would piss off, but he will seize the opportunity to show how social he is by striking conversation with both of them. He is doing this because he already knows the mega fox is into him (they have been eyeing each other all night).  Now he just needs to build himself up a little more. Snubbing the hot chick’s friend won’t make her think you are strong and cool, just over aggressive and obnoxious. The worst part is, most girls won’t let you know when you are being obnoxious! They will still be polite until they find an excuse to get away from you.

OH NO! She is leaving and you have not had a chance to get her number! Damn that nosey friend of hers!!

“Well, we are headed out”, says Mega Fox.

“Yeah, it was nice meeting you,”  says Nosey Friend.

“Ok, well have fun!”  He goes in to hug the nosey friend GENTLY (more of an exaggerated pat on the back really).

As he goes to give Mega Fox a hug he says CASUALLY (NOT I repeat NOT whispery or longingly… say this too flirty you will come of as creepy). ” I hope I get to see you again, do you come around here often?”

She says ” Yeah I do sometimes.. here let me give you my number. You know, in case you are coming by here or something.”


You see how long that look? ALL FREAKIN NIGHT!! Hot chicks, and especially mega hotties, get hit on, on a dime. You go in for the kill too fast she will shrug you off. They travel in packs in order to intimidate creepy guys from talking to them.

The moral of the story: Feel it out, don’t just run up to her and start blabbing. Social cues are what you got to work with, so try to be aware of them.

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