Not Just Any Wingman Will Do

Posted on 21 September 2011   Epic Fail, Need-to-Know, True Story

No wingman is better than a bad one.  Time after time a horrible wingman has ruined any chance of me talking for another second with a guy.  I remember once I was working and these two guys showed up and started to chat with me.  One guy seemed pretty cool, just chatting with me, while the other was being obnoxious, making weird jokes and trying to be cool or something.  I couldn’t wait for this guy to be out of my face.  So, the first guy (the cool one), he asked me out.  And did I say yes?  Of course not!

I kept thinking, if this guy is hanging out with such a loser, then what’s wrong with him?

Lesson: You are who you associate with.

In my opinion, what makes a good wingman, is someone who knows when to step in and someone who knows when to stay in the background.  You really have to go out with the intention of getting your friend a date.  It’s time to be a selfless.  Be a good wingman and have good wingmen in your life.  It just works out better.



  1. you are a product of your environment , and if you hang out with tools people are going to start thinking you are a tool . showing up to a party with a tool for a friend is like showing up to a date with spinach in your teeth. not cool!

    mrswagger on 21 September 11, 7:30am (Reply)
  2. What a cute show!!! When do more episodes come out? I wanna learn, i wanna learn, i wanna learn… How to Get Swagger?

    GuiL on 21 September 11, 8:04am (Reply)
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