Dress for Success

Posted on 21 September 2011   From Andrea, Need-to-Know

Men give each other bad advice on how to pick up chicks. The circulation of bad advice has gotten so bad, dudes now hold seminars, write books, post youtube videos, repeating over and over their worn out tricks. And as if that was not bad enough– they dress like goons! But seriously guys, I know it sucks. You don’t know exactly what it is you’re doing wrong, or maybe you have a pretty good idea but you don’t know how to fix it.

But trust me– I know EXACTLY what you are doing wrong. I see you guys at the bar dressed wrong, approaching women wrong, saying stupid things, looking nervous and ultimately not getting anywhere.

Dressing wrong or just BAD can effectively kill your swagger. It says to women “ I have no clue what I look like” or even worse “I don’t get out enough to know what would look good on me.” Do you think James Bond would leave the house looking frumpy? The best place to start is to do a little research. What stores are age appropriate for you? Don’t shop in a store where everyone shopping there is 30 years older then you (or 30 years  younger). If you are 25, don’t dress like you are 40. In case you were not aware, every age range has a style. Another good way to know is if the men modeling the clothes you want to buy look about your age. Be aware when you are walking around what kind of clothes guys your age are wearing.

Did you know that the hottest guys on TV don’t dress themselves? As a matter a fact hardly anyone famous does! They pay stylist to do it for them, so trust me– I know it’s not easy. But finding a style that makes you look good will make you feel more confident as well. Dating is a war guys, and you need armor. Not the same old smelly oversized thing you have been wearing for ten years…


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