FAN ADVICE! – Buying Drink(s)

Posted on 21 September 2011   From a Fan, Need-to-Know

So, the other day we got an email from a fan of the show… we thought his advice was just way too cool to not share with the world… check it out!

Money doesn’t BUY girls… SWAGGER does!

I have seen waaaay too many people trying to flaunt what they really don’t got in the bar. I have a group of friends I go out with and more often than not the same guy winds up going home empty handed (NO Number or Date). This is mostly in part to what he does to get the girls attention…

Offering to buy her a drink = Cool

Offering to buy her and her friends a round = Cool

Offering to buy her and her friends round after round after round after round = Not so cool…Gives off the wrong impression

Offering to buy her and her friends a bottle  = BIG mistake

They can see that he has no game, NO SWAGGER and thus tries to push his money on them and make himself look like something he is not. I keep telling him to be his charming self; but he doesn’t comply and THUS goes home EMPTY HANDED.

Keep it simple. Keep it cool. Be YOURSELF.

Thanks, Greg H.!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


  1. AGREED!

    Chris on 21 September 11, 7:07am (Reply)
  2. I agree to an extent. A man with swagger has women buy HIM drinks, not the other way around.

    mrswagger on 21 September 11, 7:25am (Reply)
  3. Hmmm.. are you so sure about that, Mr. Swagger? 😉

    How to Get Swagger on 21 September 11, 7:47am (Reply)
  4. A woman buying a man a drink? Huge. Turn. Off.

    Sarah Berjaoui on 21 September 11, 9:43am (Reply)
    • Haha.. see why we made this show? These guys definitely need our help. 😉

      How to Get Swagger on 21 September 11, 10:04am (Reply)

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