Why We Do This Show…

Posted on 21 September 2011   From a Fan

So, I thought this was pretty cool… I thought this guy’s thoughts really summed up why we are doing this show, and why it’s important.  No one wants to end up a lonely guy, right?  Check out what Shaun F. sent us.

Honestly, I’m a guy and as a guy I have needs. There’s times where I just want to get up, go out to a bar, and find a girl to take back home and have a night filled with bad decisions and reckless inhibitions.

Well, maybe this more times than not. Anyways, time and time again I’ll go out, have a few drinks with my A-game in hand only to be greeted with laughter, silence, slaps, or all of the above. Now don’t get me wrong, every now and then the hard work will pay off  but we’re talking one out of ten here. And to me those odds are terrible. There’s a time when a man has to rise up and say to himself “What the hell am I doing wrong”? And I didn’t realize I was doing anything wrong until I came across “How To Get Swagger”.

Little pieces of advice such as slight adjustments in your appearance and body language can make all the difference in the world. Tips that you wouldn’t even think to consider can improve your odds exponentially. The difference between me and a guy who hasn’t watched the show? I walk out with the girl, while he walks out alone with a bar tab for two.

Thanks, Shaun.  Small changes make a BIG difference.  We’ll do you proud… keep watching! 🙂

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